Safaris & Adventure Activities at Infinity Resorts Kanha

Wildlife Safaris

Birds: Changeable Hawk Eagle, Shikra, Black-rumped Flameback, Green Bee-eater, Black-headed Oriole, Red-vented Bulbul, Red-headed Vulture, Lesser Adjutant Stock, Racquet-tailed Drongo, Tickell’s Leaf Warbler, Citrine Wagtail, Grey-backed Shrike, Common Stone-Chat, Common Kingfisher, Red-wattled Lapwing, White-throated Kingfisher, Grey Herons, Little Grebe, Lesser Whistling Duck, Indian Commorant.

Mammals: Tiger, Leopard, Four-horned Antelope Sambhar, Grey Langur, Ruddy Mongoose, Indian Bison or Gaur, Jackal, Jungle Cat, Wild Boar, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer , Wild Boar.

Tribals at Kanha National Park


We organize visits to Baiga and Gonds Villages which will be an educational and uplifting experience for our guests. These tribes are considered the first and second men and women to have inhabited Indian soil. Their cheerful and welcoming personality even though their circumstances are poor do not deter their free spirited nature and their enduring knowledge of the jungle helps them through their daily chore. They are the indigenous people of Kanha and co-exist with the incredible biodiversity of wildlife for thousands of years. They are truly the custodians of the jungle and its immeasurably wealth.

Tribal Museum

A Tribal Museum, established by The Corbett Foundation (TCF), in village Baherakhar (near Mukki Gate) in the buffer zone of Kanha Tiger Reserve is another jewel in our crown and another step forward in this direction by developing a unique, one-of-its-kind Tribal Museum.

The Tribal Museum features articles made by the Baiga and Gonds tribes. The museum intends to conserve the tribal way of life, their culture and art. The visitors to the museum would know several interesting facets of the tribal lifestyle that are depicted through illustrative information panels, photographs and accessories used in their day-to-day life such as pots, utensils, clothes, or simple equipments for grinding wheat and other lentils and articles they make out of bamboo. The museum also incorporates facilities wherein visitors can have an insight into the tribal life, see the artists at work and also spend quite peaceful night in the tribal hut. The museum is constructed entirely in mud and using all local material, and runs entirely on solar energy. In addition to the above attractions, Baiga tribal dances, tasting the ‘tribal’ cuisine, visit to Baiga temple are some of the activities that the tourists can look forward to on their visit to the Tribal Museum. The Museum also houses a curio shop where visitors can buy handicrafts made by the Gonds and Baiga tribes.

The Tribal Museum hopes to conserve the simple yet unique lifestyle of one of the most primitive tribes of our country and aims to deliver valuable insight into their lives to whoever visits the museum. Head to our resort to experience all these amazing adventure activities in Kanha.

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Jeep Safaris


Tree Plantations by guests


Elephant Bath Safaris