Our Late Chairman's Message

Dear Guests,
When I returned to India after spending many years in Africa, my immediate thoughts were about the jungles and how much they had changed in the 20 years I was away. The sea of jungle with pockets of human habitation has now become pockets of forests surrounded by a sea of human habitation. Every day, we hear news of man and wildlife conflicts and how the forests authorities are trying to cope with these problems. From my experience in Africa, I learnt that unless there is a direct benefit to locals living around National Parks, these conflicts will continue and India will be poorer every time we lose one of our species of wildlife to extinction.

chairmans message

It was with this in mind and with the assistance of friends, conservationists and well-wishers that my wife and I set up our first resort-Infinity Corbett Wilderness, next to Corbett National Park. I am delighted to say that after 25 years, this luxury resort in India has grown from strength to strength. We have recently upgraded this resort. We have also started other resorts in Kutch (Gujarat) and at Bandhavgarh & Kanha (Madhya Pradesh), and have launched our latest resort in Kaziranga (Assam).

The Corbett
foundation, which I established in 1994, will continue to grow and become an integral part of our conservation work as we expand into other protected areas. Wildlife has always been my passion, and I will continue to make it my mission to ensure that harmony prevails between man and nature.

Finally, our approach to hospitality is always to give you the best wildlife experience, both in ambience and luxury, while you are our guests. We promise you serenity, tranquillity and the chance of seeing the rich heritage of Indian wildlife preserved for you and for the future generations.

Hope to welcome you to our resorts soon!

Dilip Khatau
Conservation Corporation of India Pvt.Ltd.